Game of Thrones Comic Adaption

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Game of Thrones

I am not normally interested with movie/television adapted comic books, with the exception of a few Star Wars books I pass them up all together. Then I saw an article posted by on a comic book adaption of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones book. The first in a series of fantasy books for “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Most of us know of this series because of its insanely popular HBO Series. That is in fact all I know of the series so far, I fully intend on reading the books now however.

I do find a comic book based on this fantasy world interesting, when watching the show i felt like there was hidden magic, very often I wondered what they would be showing us with a bigger budget. A comic book would allow an artist to do just that, show us a bigger budget show.  Usually this is where comic adaptions fall apart, at least for me. I am usually unimpressed with the writing or art. This time however, the preview art grabbed me, and caused me to look further into the team responsible for bringing this series to comics. A big name jumped out at me, even strictly as a cover artist, you have to be impressed to see Alex Ross on the credits.

So the Game of Thrones Comic Adaption will be scripted by Daniel Abraham, with art by Tommy Patterson. Joining Alex Ross is another cover artist Mike S. Miller. I am not familiar with any work from these people but I can already say I like Tommy’s interior art. and the covers look pretty cool. I will be giving issue #1 a chance. I wonder if it will maintain the maturity level of the series.

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