DC Universe Online – What you need to know

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

With the release of the most recent video asking the question “Why Green Lantern” for the “Fight For the Light” expansion, I decided to gather up all the relevant videos to answer the question “Why DC Universe at all?”

Lets start with the most recent news, Fight for the Light is bringing in, Green Lantern and the Sinestro Corp!

The light powers look amazing, and this will be the first time im tempted to make a villain. Sinestro corp is just so badass. I cant wait for this update to come out. Hopefully really soon.

Now lets jump back in time to what inspired us all who currently play the game. The original, amazing cinematic trailer by Blur Studios.

I never get tired of watching that trailer, I still think they should make a movie like this. Next surprisingly not a lot of people got exposed too. Its part 2 of the first trailer. Fractured Future, which takes place after the devastation and tells you how Lex got to the past.

Lastly I need to show some gameplay footage, and so far the coolest i’ve seen around is from the most recent update in the game that introduces a Superman/Lex storyline at the Fortress of Solitude, which looks amazing.

There is all the visual inspiration you need to go pick up this game and become the next legend. If you’ve played and drop, come back, is worth it. With the introduction of Megaservers I’ve had very little problems getting in the game and doing the end game content. It can only get better from here in my opinion. So suit up.


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