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Nate Grey joins the New Mutants

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

We talked about this a long time ago. The day has finally come, Nate Grey is back in the pages of New Mutants, in what seems to be a more permanent capacity. (I’d be very upset if he drops off the team after a few books, that’s too much of a tease.)

I have not kept up to date on X-books in awhile but I will catch up for this alone. My favorite mutant is back and I want to know why and what is the world he is coming back too. This is supposed to happen in a “Regenesis” storyline that takes place after “Schism” Im on board. This will even give me a chance to restart my old website

With the release of the most recent video asking the question “Why Green Lantern” for the “Fight For the Light” expansion, I decided to gather up all the relevant videos to answer the question “Why DC Universe at all?”

Lets start with the most recent news, Fight for the Light is bringing in, Green Lantern and the Sinestro Corp!

The light powers look amazing, and this will be the first time im tempted to make a villain. Sinestro corp is just so badass. I cant wait for this update to come out. Hopefully really soon.

Now lets jump back in time to what inspired us all who currently play the game. The original, amazing cinematic trailer by Blur Studios.

I never get tired of watching that trailer, I still think they should make a movie like this. Next surprisingly not a lot of people got exposed too. Its part 2 of the first trailer. Fractured Future, which takes place after the devastation and tells you how Lex got to the past.

Lastly I need to show some gameplay footage, and so far the coolest i’ve seen around is from the most recent update in the game that introduces a Superman/Lex storyline at the Fortress of Solitude, which looks amazing.

There is all the visual inspiration you need to go pick up this game and become the next legend. If you’ve played and drop, come back, is worth it. With the introduction of Megaservers I’ve had very little problems getting in the game and doing the end game content. It can only get better from here in my opinion. So suit up.

DC Comics made a 30 second trailer for the New 52, it has some new artwork to show off and it will be shown across the media, big screen and small screen. Its pretty cool and gets you excited for the new 52 so check out the extended 2 min version below.

Its official, the Inception music makes everything more dramatic.

Game of Thrones Comic Adaption

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Game of Thrones

I am not normally interested with movie/television adapted comic books, with the exception of a few Star Wars books I pass them up all together. Then I saw an article posted by on a comic book adaption of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones book. The first in a series of fantasy books for “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Most of us know of this series because of its insanely popular HBO Series. That is in fact all I know of the series so far, I fully intend on reading the books now however.

I do find a comic book based on this fantasy world interesting, when watching the show i felt like there was hidden magic, very often I wondered what they would be showing us with a bigger budget. A comic book would allow an artist to do just that, show us a bigger budget show.  Usually this is where comic adaptions fall apart, at least for me. I am usually unimpressed with the writing or art. This time however, the preview art grabbed me, and caused me to look further into the team responsible for bringing this series to comics. A big name jumped out at me, even strictly as a cover artist, you have to be impressed to see Alex Ross on the credits.

So the Game of Thrones Comic Adaption will be scripted by Daniel Abraham, with art by Tommy Patterson. Joining Alex Ross is another cover artist Mike S. Miller. I am not familiar with any work from these people but I can already say I like Tommy’s interior art. and the covers look pretty cool. I will be giving issue #1 a chance. I wonder if it will maintain the maturity level of the series.

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Since the announcement of the new 52 I’ve waited and scanned the net for anything and everything DC Relaunch related. I’m a huge fan of Jim Lee, He is my favorite artist by far, I loved his work on Superman For Tomorrow but I’ve known and followed his work since long before that. I believe X-men was my first introduction to Jim, to this day his run on X-men is my favorite, visually. So I was very excited to hear he was spear heading this thing with Geoff Johns, another of my favorites. I love his writing,  and they would be working together on the JLA relaunch. As happy as this made me, I like almost everyone else out there, was worried at the idea of a relaunch. Our classic heroes would be changing? What did this mean for our favorite story arcs? character relationships? Would some of our less popular but personal favorites still exists?

After the first wave of information however my worries began to be alleviated somewhat. When the creatives at DC like Jim, Dan, and Geoff explain the relaunch its hard not to understand that this is exactly what the Comic Industry needs. So for better or worse I’m going into the relaunch with hopeful optimism. I thought about writing a general overview of what I think about the relaunch, but I figured a walk through each area of the 52 by family would be more appropriate. Starting of course with the family that I am most invested in, The Superman Family.

What We Know –

Action Comics 1 Cover

Action Comics #1 Cover

Action Comics #1

The one and only Grant Morrison returns to Superman, joined by sensational artist Rags Morales (IDENTITY CRISIS), to bring you tales of The Man of Steel unlike any you’ve ever read! This extra-sized debut issue is the cornerstone of the entire DC Universe!




Sourced DC Comics Official Homepage


My Thoughts – Grant Morrison is an amazing writer, even though him and I don’t usually see eye to eye on whats cool. I respect him, so I am trying to trust him with what he is doing with Superman in Action Comics. Its Supposed to take place five years before JLA#1, and it should show us a world that doesn’t know superheroes. I find it an interesting concept, I mean it is pretty much what Smallville my favorite show for the past 10 years was about. In that however is my worry, Its a storyline that has been explored popularly already, Smallville, Superman: Earth One. I get though we have to start somewhere but I feel like a bar has been set. I am not going to condemn this book yet but the first images we see are of Clark in a Superman T-shirt, jeans, boots and a small cape. This is how the world gets introduced to Superman? That alone makes me very worried. Even in Smallville Clark had various superman inspired colored clothes and suits. Nothing as hokey as a t-shirt an cape. Not to mention it seems a bit stereotypical from the waist down, farm boy jeans and boots look. I really hope Grant comes though with making us understand these choices. This is one case i really do have to try and not judge a book by its cover.

Superman 1

Superman #1

Superman #1

The new adventures of Superman begin here! What is The Man of Steel’s startling new status quo? How does it affect Lois Lane and The Daily Planet? There’s no time for answers now, because Superman must stop a monstrous threat to Metropolis – one that he somehow is the cause of!


Breakdowns and cover by GEORGE PÈREZ


Sourced DC Comics Official Homepage


My thoughts – George Perez is a legend of course, Teen Titans was an amazing influence on me growing up thanks to him and Wolfman. To me his art always comes across as Classic. Which I guess is what worried me about this image when I saw it. We are trying to present something new and fresh, yet because its Georges pencils, it feels, well classic. Not bad, don’t mistake me. Just felt like an odd choice. Superman is my favorite character, and I think I just wanted him to have all the shine of something new, and George kinda brings me back. On the cover I immediately felt like I was looking at Superboy Prime, you cant tell if he is trying to save the Daily Planet or is responsible for tearing it down in this image. I love the costume, just doesn’t look quite right in George’s hands yet. I hope the sequential art is better. So what is it about? Something about a new status quo but Superman is trying to stop a monstrous threat he is somehow the cause of? Does not sound very new, however i am very interested to see Jesus Merino’s work on the inside of this book and, as it was announced Lois and Clark are not in a relationship, the marriage never happened. So that should at least be interesting, to see where this book picks up in the life of Superman.

Superboy 1

Superboy #1

Superboy #1

They thought he was just an experiment – and a failed one at that! Grown from a combination of Kryptonian and human DNA, the clone was no more than a set of data to the scientists of Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. But when the scope of his stunning powers was revealed, he became a deadly weapon! Now the question is: Can a clone develop a conscience?




Sourced DC Comics Official Homepage


My thoughts – I am not that familiar with Scott Lobdell’s writing i admit. the synopsis for Superboy however is probably the most intriguing for me. Since his original creation back during the Death/Return of Superman I’ve wished they could go back and do a more nitty gritty origin for Superboy. To me he is a very modern idea, especially if we had an alien like Superman running around. He is a Clone, there has always been inherent character stories in that. I believe at comic con it was revealed that he is still a mix of Lex Luthor and Superman. Since I’ve heard nothing of Lex that has me even more interested to pick up this book. I hope he plays a bigger part in Superboy’s life this time around from the start. Can a clone develop a conscience? I love that tag line for the book, I can’t wait to find out. As for the art, the cover looks beautiful, that was done by Eric Canete, and I have no idea what the inside will look like being done by RB Silva and Rob Lean. I hate when the cover art doesn’t reflect the interior art. As for his starting costume? Lets face it, its a Tron Suit, but thats ok because I think it looks very cool, and it’ll be nice seeing Superboy in something other then T-Shirt and jeans for once.

Supergirl 1

Supergirl #1

Supergirl #1

Meet Supergirl. She’s got the unpredictable behavior of a teenager, the same powers as Superman – and none of his affection for the people of Earth. So don’t piss her off!


Art and cover by MAHMUD ASRAR

Sourced DC Comics Official Homepage


My Thoughts – Such a sting at first to basically hear that Supergirl was the one actually getting a reboot. None of her history is incorporated as we get a brand new Kara landing on earth in issue #1. I am a huge fan of the most recent Supergirl origin story, I even liked the animated film of it. The late Michael Turner introduced her beautifully. I loved her tie into the big three, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. I thought that helped make her more then “Superman’s Cousin” right there. And although I wasnt a huge fan at how her series started, I fell in love with her all over again when Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle got ahold of the book. Thats where the sting comes from, they did a great job of bringing that character back on course and then she gets rebooted. Michael Green and Mike Johnson has their work cut out from them, I really hope they take the proper notes from Kara’s past and personality that worked. My girlfriend was more worried then me, as Supergirl is her favorite character. However at Comic-Con she was able to chat with Michael Green and she came out of it very hopeful, she liked his enthusiasm for the character and really hoped he could deliver on making Supergirl an important character in her own right, not just as Superman’s Cousin. I myself really like the idea of experiencing the New 52 Universe through her being a newcomer like all of us. Lets face it, we are all in Supergirl’s boots come September with the same questions and probably the same temperament.

Now for the art, I think Mahmud Asrar is a solid artist, and although the cover is ok in my opinion its actually his sequential art that I really enjoyed. I previewed it at Comic-Con. As for her costume, pretty drastic redesign. Took a lot of getting used too, I’ve always thought of Kara in a Skirt. I was pretty sure the midriff was gonna go, but the skirt? The Top half of her costume I like, I think the Cape is cool, i like the subtle difference in the kind of S she wears. I think its important for her to have her own version of that symbol. I am even cool with the boots. Where it falls apart is the red shield on her crotch, this in my opinion does not work at all. I hope it gets changed soon. If they can take away Wonder Woman’s pants because they were unpopular, they can take away this in a few issues. When I asked my girlfriend she agreed with me on all fronts excepted wanted me to include her hair length. Supergirl has always had the pretty long flowing hair, and Powergirl had the short hair. So she hopes that Supergirl grows it out a bit.

That is my thoughts on DC’s New 52 Superman Family, check back for my thoughts on the Batman Family soon.